Sink or swim: The mentoring experiences of Latinx PhD students with faculty of color. (2021)

"This phenomenological study examines the positive and adverse experiences full-time Latinx PhD students have in mentoring relationships with faculty of Color at a historically white Research-Intensive University in the Southwest, United States. .. Faculty mentoring requires a degree of care and commitment rather than a casual or 'strictly business' approach, especially for racially minoritized students.... Continue Reading →

Humanizing the Tenure Years for Faculty of Color: Reflections From STAR Mentors (2017)

"This essay illustrate(s) the importance for policymakers, professional organizations, school administrators, and state and system administrators to foster bidirectional relationships with early career scholars of Color. This Insight... provides... policymakers with recommendations and implications on how to better prepare, serve, retain, and humanize early career scholars of Color." Turner, J. D., Haddix, M. M., Gort,... Continue Reading →

What Is Faculty Diversity Worth to a University? (2016)

"Matthews discusses how faculty of color are expected to take on an additional set of responsibilities as mentors and diversity representatives, but do not receive money or tenure to compensate for this 'invisible labor'. Matthews also touches on how the academy is 'structurally hostile to meaningful diversity" Matthew, Patricia A. (2016). What Is Faculty Diversity... Continue Reading →

Moving racial discussion forward: A counterstory of racialized dynamics between an Asian-woman faculty and white preservice teachers in traditional rural America. (2014)

"I describe my experiences teaching elementary literacy methods courses and interacting with White preservice teachers, administrators, and faculty in two remote, traditionally homogeneous U.S. universities. The findings show that many White undergraduate students judged my English language use and racial characteristics, and resisted my professorial expertise. The university administration often placed me in contentious situations... Continue Reading →

Race and Gender Oppression in the Classroom: The Experiences of Women Faculty of Color with White Male Students (2010)

"Research shows that an oppressive classroom environment impairs learning and academic performance for students with oppressed identities. Less research examines faculty perceptions of their classroom, but such research could reveal whether an oppressive environment impairs teaching effectiveness. Although the literature shows that women faculty of color spend a disproportionate amount of time teaching, researchers have... Continue Reading →

“Unsettling Relations”: Racism and Sexism Experienced by Faculty of Color in a Predominantly White Canadian University (2005)

"This article is a qualitative investigation of the experiences of nine women of color in a predominantly White Canadian university. Although the sample size is small, this study underscores racism and sexism pervading in some contexts, situations, and relationships for women of color in academe. Minority instructors perceive racism as infusing most aspects of academic... Continue Reading →

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