Moving Racial Discussion Forward: A Counterstory of Racialized Dynamics between an Asian-woman Faculty and White Preservice Teachers in Traditional Rural America. (2014)

ABSTRACT: I describe my experiences teaching elementary literacy methods courses and interacting with White preservice teachers, administrators, and faculty in two remote, traditionally homogeneous U.S. universities. The findings show that many White undergraduate students judged my English language use and racial characteristics, and resisted my professorial expertise. The university administration often placed me in contentious situations that perpetuated small town conservative values and White superiority over me when student complaints surfaced. Later, when better relationships were established with the students, drastically different interactional dynamics took place.

Han, K. T. (2014). Moving racial discussion forward: A counterstory of racialized dynamics between an Asian-woman faculty and white preservice teachers in traditional rural America. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, 7(2), 126–146.

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