Why a website for faculty of color?

Did you know that according to the 2020 census, African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinx, and Native Americans constitute approximately 41% of the U.S population; yet in 2016 they represented only 20% of the faculty of degree-granting institutions of higher education and only about 10% of tenured-track professors (U.S. Department of Education, 2016; Finkelstein, Conley & Shuster, 2016)?

This is a problem.

Did you also know that, as reported by Matias et al (2021) women and people of color are often evaluated more poorly than white men, even when they are teaching identical content“?(italics added) and furthermore “that the topics that scholars of color often research are less likely to receive research funding and, at least in some fields, are less likely to be included in the very journals that are valued for promotion.”Or that  β€œ(s)cholars of color are also less likely than white scholars to be cited when their work is published.” ? (See Matias et al for further elaboration)

This is ANOTHER Problem.


The purpose of this website is to help you become aware of these issues so that you can use the information on this website to institute changes at your site. It can be used to create working groups to review (and ideally revise) your institutions policies. If you are a faculty of color, it can be used to help you learn more about your own experience in academia, help find literature to document your experiences when it comes time for your review, or can even be used to help organize workshops or reading groups on this topic

If you are a faculty of color, or someone who is interested in creating a more inclusive and diverse environment at your institution, – then this website is for YOU.

This website was created thanks to a generous grant from Consortium on High Achievement and Success. We wish to thank our colleague Prof. Reginald Sanders for his support of this project, as well as our dedicated research assistants – Hannah Bachman, Alejandra Colmeneras, Johan Contin, Betania Escobar, Hanaa Ibrahim, Coco Liu and Shanti Silver.

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