‘Don’t judge a book by its colour’: Black Academic Experiences of Discrimination in an Education Faculty at a South African University (2018).

ABSTRACT. This article is a case study assessing transformation in one faculty of education at a South African university. This article explores aspects of transformation: equity, ideology, and practices. Of particular relevance is the experiences of Black academics in their struggle for social justice. Critical race theory is used as an analytical tool to make sense of the paradox of Black experiences of discrimination at the hands of Black faculty leadership and the concomitant entrenchment of Whiteness as dominant in the institutional culture. ‘Interest convergence’ and institutionalized racism are plausible reasons for the racial paradox and reluctance of Black leadership to address discriminatory practices. To answer the research question, ‘What is the state of the transformation discourse in a merged faculty of education?’ data were extracted from primary sources, reflective reports, and staff experiences. Findings point toward an underdeveloped, suppressed, and restrained transformation discourse based on outdated values and practices. Recommendations are made to embark on a ‘vigorous transformation indaba’ to promote academic citizenship and social cohesion in the faculty

Davids, M. N. (2018). ‘Don’t judge a book by its colour’: Black academic experiences of discrimination in an education faculty at a South African University. Journal of Black Studies49(5), 427–447. https://doi-org.libproxy.kenyon.edu/10.1177/0021934718764094

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