Why Diversity Matters in rural America: Women Faculty of Color Challenging Whiteness. (2018)

ABSTRACT: Using critical race theory as an analytical framework to examine White privilege and institutional racism, two teacher educators, in a rural predominantly White university tell counterstories about teaching for social justice in literacy and mathematics education courses. In sharing our counterstories in this paper, we, women faculty of color, challenge Whiteness and institutional racism with the hopes of: (1) promoting social justice teaching in order to globally prepare (pre-and-in-service) teachers and educational leaders to motivate and empower ALL students to learn; (2) dismantling racism to promote better wellbeing for women faculty of color; and (3) moving educational communities at large closer toward equitable education, which is a fundamental civil right.

Holling, M. A. (2018). “You Intimidate Me” as a Microaggressive Controlling Image to Discipline Womyn of Color Faculty. Southern Communication Journal, 84(2), 99–112. https://doi.org/10.1080/1041794x.2018.1511748

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