The Case for Greater Faculty Diversity: Examining the Educational Impacts of Student-Faculty racial/ethnic match. (2021)

ABSTRACT. Faculty diversity has benefits for all students; however, increasing faculty diversity may be particularly helpful in reducing academic disparities for students of color. This study examines the impact of having a professor of the same race/ethnicity on student performance. A longitudinal model was tested to examine how campus racial/ethnic composition and student-faculty racial/ethnic match impact GPA and graduation for students of color. Campus racial/ethnic climate was included in the model as a potential mediating factor. Results indicated that student-faculty racial/ethnic match, campus racial/ethnic composition, and campus racial/ethnic climate each predicted GPA, which predicted graduation. An indirect relationship between student-faculty racial/ethnic match and GPA through campus racial/ethnic climate was found. Findings stress the need for diverse faculty to enhance student success, ultimately improving grades and retention. Given the benefits to students, a focus on the hiring and retention of faculty of color may be key in addressing academic disparities.

Jasmín D. Llamas, Khoa Nguyen & Alisia G.T.T. Tran (2021) The case for greater faculty diversity: examining the educational impacts of student-faculty racial/ethnic match. Race Ethnicity and Education, 24:3, 375-391, doi: 10.1080/13613324.2019.1679759

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