From First to First: Black, Indigenous, and People of Color first-generation Faculty and Administrator Narratives of Intersectional Marginality and Mattering as Communal Praxis (2021).

ABSTRACT. While the education of first-generation students (FGS) has garnered the attention of scholars, educators, and policy makers, there is limited dialogue on how first-generation faculty and administrators (FGF/A)—that is, first-generation students who went on to become faculty and/or administrators—experience higher education and are engaged in enhancing equity, inclusion, and justice. Intersectional approaches, which illuminate the nexus of race, gender, and class in education, are necessary for appreciating the complexity of FGF/A experiences and liberatory practices taking shape in higher education. Narrative analysis examining nine Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) FGF/A oral histories reveal how stories of mattering and intersectional marginality are sites of communal praxis that aim to dislodge systems of power, including racism, classism, and patriarchy. This praxis involves validating the complexity of students’ academic and social lives and engaging vulnerability. The discussion encourages reflection of how communal praxis can be cultivated toward transforming the linked conditions of faculty and students. 

Vue, R. (2021). From first to first: Black, Indigenous, and People of Color first-generation faculty and administrator narratives of intersectional marginality and mattering as communal praxis. Education Sciences11(12), 1–18.

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