Faculty of Color Reconsidered: Reassessing Contributions to Scholarship (2002).

ABSTRACT. In this study, I explore the value of a diverse faculty within an area most central to faculty life–scholarship. My primary question is: How do faculty of color and white faculty differ with respect to their involvement in and commitment to each of these four views of scholarship? In addressing this question, I hope to broaden the discussion regarding diversity in the professoriate in three ways: (1) focusing on the value of faculty of color to American higher education rather than barriers to their participation; (2) invoking scholarship as the central area of concern in academe; and (3) employing the expanded definitions of scholarship recommended by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Antonio, A. L. (2022). Faculty of Color Reconsidered: Reassessing Contributions to Scholarship. The Journal of Higher Education, 73, 5, September/October
2002, pp. 582-602.

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