My Liminal Praxis in the American Academy as a Transnational Scholar: A Scholarly Personal Narrative (2022).

ABSTRACT. In this scholarly personal narrative (SPN), I illustrate how I have engaged with a system that does not reflect who I am and against prevailing currents as an associate professor in higher education who came to the U.S. as an international student in the late 1990s from South America, to finally find my place and voice developing the International Research Center (IRC), a joint effort with an institution in Bogotá, Colombia, my hometown. The contribution of this article is to offer a counternarrative as a minoritized and international faculty member, in which I reflect on the resistance I have enacted to build a career in the American academy while creating structures toward equity and inclusion in tune with who I am. I believe that my story can assist administrators in building support systems for faculty of color in line with their work and their identities. I offer at the end of this piece a few strategies for administrators to consider for supporting the work of faculty of color and international work.

Mendoza, P. (2022). My liminal praxis in the American academy as a transnational scholar: A scholarly personal narrative. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.

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