Clearing the path: Queer faculty of color navigating tenure and promotion (2020).

ABSTRACT. This chapter provides an overview of the relevant literature, deepening the comprehension of what it means to navigate the tenure and promotion process as a faculty member who manages the intersections of marginalized identities within a predominantly white and rural academic institution. Rooted in an intersectional, critical race theoretical framework, the chapter emphasizes the significance of intersectionality as practice and critical inquiry in challenging systemic, institutional processes that are often barriers to academic advancement and leadership for queer people of color. Furthermore, this discussion extends the concept of sexuality social justice as it applies to leadership within college and university settings. Ultimately, in sharing this journey, the chapter contributes to the existing literature on sexuality leadership and expands current understandings of the impact of institutional processes on queer women of color in academia. The chapter explores the following: existing literature on queer faculty of color navigating tenure and promotion in higher education; insights gained from traversing this process; what contributes to meaningful allyship in achieving tenure and promotion; and using spaces of marginalization and privilege to resist and challenge systems.

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