The Costs of Staying: Experiences of Racially Minoritized LGBTQ + Faculty in the Field of Higher Education (2023).

ABSTRACT. This critical qualitative study illuminates how racially minoritized LGBTQ + faculty in the field of higher education navigate racist and heterosexist systems, leading to inordinate challenges related to tenure and promotion and deteriorating health and well-being. This system of higher education fosters isolation, hostility, racial battle fatigue, and LGBTQ + erasure offering limited support, negative institutional environments, and... Continue Reading →

Evaluating Student Evaluations of Teaching:a Review of Measurement and Equity Bias in SETs and Recommendations for Ethical Reform (2022).

ABSTRACT. Student evaluations of teaching are ubiquitous in the academe as a metric for assessing teaching and frequently used in critical personnel decisions. Yet, there is ample evidence documenting both measurement and equity bias in these assessments. Student Evaluations of Teaching (SETs) have low or no correlation with learning. Furthermore, scholars using different data and... Continue Reading →

Clearing the path: Queer faculty of color navigating tenure and promotion (2020).

ABSTRACT. This chapter provides an overview of the relevant literature, deepening the comprehension of what it means to navigate the tenure and promotion process as a faculty member who manages the intersections of marginalized identities within a predominantly white and rural academic institution. Rooted in an intersectional, critical race theoretical framework, the chapter emphasizes the significance of... Continue Reading →

Queering and Browning the Pipeline for LGBTQ Faculty of Color in the Academy: The Formation of the LGBTQ Scholars of Color National Network (2019).

ABSTRACT. While the literature on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people in academia has increased over the past two decades, there is a dearth of research concentrating on LGBTQ graduate students and faculty of color. The present paper provides an overview of LGBTQ people of color’s experiences across different educational systems and academic... Continue Reading →

Black Female Faculty, Resilient Grit, and Determined Grace or ‘Just Because Everything is Different Doesn’t Mean Anything has Changed’. (2016)

ABSTRACT: This essay centers the lived experiences of protagonist Dr. Eva Grace as a bisexual Black female Assistant Professor navigating identity politics and power dynamics at a traditionally and predominantly White institution. Theoretically anchored by Black feminist thought coupled with critical race theory’s composite counterstorytelling as method, Dr. Grace’s pre-tenure experiences reflect the mundane nature... Continue Reading →

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