Exploring Underrepresentation: The Case of Faculty of Color in the Midwest (1999).

ABSTRACT. On the brink of the twenty-first century, our nation continues to struggle with the challenge of becoming a multicultural society. Although our society takes pride in the opportunities for mobility offered to its citizens, inequities based on racial and ethnic differences continue to exist. This study focuses on continuing inequities for professors in higher education. Today, with race-based scholarships under scrutiny, affirmative action losing support, and efforts to achieve diversity and equity in higher education contested, there is an urgent need to reexamine the issues of successful recruitment, retention, and development of faculty of color in the academic workplace.

Viernes Turner, C.S., Myers Jr. , S.L. & Creswell, J. W.  (1999) Exploring Underrepresentation: The Case of Faculty of Color in the Midwest. The Journal of Higher Education, 70:1, 27-59, doi: 10.1080/00221546.1999.11780753

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