“We’re Just Not Acknowledged”: An Examination of the Identity Taxation of Full-Time Non-Tenure-Track Women of Color Faculty Members (2021).

ABSTRACT. This qualitative study examines the ways in which 15 full-time non-tenure-track Women of Color faculty members (NTWCFs) at historically White colleges and universities experienced identity taxation in their work. Critical race theory and critical race feminism were used as theoretical frameworks. Participants experienced identity taxation in 3 ways: care for marginalized students, overburdened with institutional service, and obligations to teach colleagues about race and racism. Although these findings are consistent with the research on tenure-track and tenured Women of Color faculty members, non-tenure-track faculty members faced distinct implications from identity taxation. This included feeling pressured to do this work in hopes of maintaining their position or securing a more permanent one as a result of the tenuous nature of their contracts. Given the overrepresentation of Women of Color in non-tenure-track positions, these findings illustrate a systemic problem that keeps Women of Color in unstable and financially unsustainable academic positions.

Rideau, R. (2021). “We’re just not acknowledged”: An examination of the identity taxation of full-time non-tenure-track Women of Color faculty members. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education14(2), 161–173. https://doi-org.libproxy.kenyon.edu/10.1037/dhe0000139

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