Women Faculty of Color in a Predominantly White Institution: A Natural Support Group (2017).

ABSTRACT. This article discusses on women faculty of color in a predominantly white institution. As women faculty of color in a Predominantly White Institution (PWI) we face a myriad of obstacles including marginalization, isolation, and the constant struggle to find balance between our personal and professional identities. Although privileged to be working in higher education, baffled by the inequalities must endure to survive and be successful. Yet have found ways to address realties, let voices be heard, and work to affect positive change for those who will follow in academia. The story is about how to create a circle of support through a natural support group that helped to better understand, cope and function in the academe. 

Comer, E. W., Medina, C. K., Negroni, L. K., & Thomas, R. L. (2017). Women faculty of color in a predominantly white institution: A natural support group. Social Work with Groups40(1–2), 148–155. https://doi-org.libproxy.kenyon.edu/10.1080/01609513.2015.1077641

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