Facing the Storm: Our first Annual Faculty of Color Writing Retreat as a Microcosm for being a Black Woman in the Academy (2021).

ABSTRACT. In this article, four Black woman scholars explore their experiences in academia through the shared event of a writing retreat. This piece follows the rich storytelling history of Black women scholars who have carved out spaces where they can tell their truths. This work pairs narrative inquiry and autoethnography to address the question: How do Black women faculty create and navigate spaces to promote their success within academia?

Overstreet, M., Avent Harris, J., Crumb, L., & Howard, C. (2021). Facing the storm: Our first annual faculty of color writing retreat as a microcosm for being a Black woman in the academy. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography50(6), 862–885. https://doi-org.libproxy.kenyon.edu/10.1177/08912416211013883

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