Professor Beware: Liberating Faculty Voices of Color Working in Predominantly White Institutions and Geographic Settings (2021).

ABSTRACT. Predominantly White institutions (PWIs) have prioritized the recruitment of underrepresented faculty of color. For these faculty, initial excitement about a new position may give way to concerns about workload, support, and the presence of communities of color at the locale. Navigating promotion, campus politics, and negotiating welcoming spaces in the community are challenging for faculty and their loved ones. This study of mid-tenure-track faculty at a PWI conveys narratives of their institutional satisfaction 1 to 5 years after hiring. Participants shared general satisfaction with the community and departmental experiences, though African American participants reported less satisfaction in the community. All presented concerns about cultural taxation, the steadily rising bar for tenure, and a lack of clarity about promotion standards.

Reddick, R. J., Taylor, B. J., Nagbe, M., & Taylor, Z. W. (2021). Professor beware: Liberating faculty voices of color working in predominantly white institutions and geographic settings. Education and Urban Society53(5), 536–560.

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