“Someone Who Looks Like Me” Promoting the Success of Students of Color by Promoting the Success of Faculty of Color (2017)

ABSTRACT:  Despite focused efforts by many colleges and universities, the racial and ethnic composition of college faculty has not increased significantly in more than twenty years. To provide an educational environment that promotes the success of students of color, it is imperative to develop structures that promote the retention and success of faculty of color. Five liberal arts colleges in the Pacific Northwest (Lewis and Clark College, Reed College, Whitman College, Willamette University, and the University of Puget Sound) formed a consortium to create opportunities for faculty and administrators to work across campuses on challenges of mutual interest.

Benitez, M., James, M., Joshua, K., Perfetti, L., & Vick, S. B. (2017). “Someone who looks like me”: Promoting the success of students of color by promoting the success of faculty of color. Liberal Education, 103(2), n2.

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