Women Faculty of Color: Stories Behind the Statistics (2014)

ABSTRACT: In this qualitative study we address two primary research questions: What are the experiences of women faculty of color (WFOC) who departed the tenure track at predominantly White, research universities? Using the modified lens of the newcomer adjustment framework, what socialization factors may have contributed to the WFOCs’ departure? Through a longitudinal, in-depth examination of three WFOC who left their university prior to earning tenure, themes of gendered and racialized tokenization and isolation, a need for a more intrusive style of mentoring, and poor institutional fit were identified.

Kelly, B. T., & McCann, K. I. (2014). Women Faculty of Color: Stories Behind the Statistics. The Urban Review, 46(4), 681–702. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11256-014-0275-8

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