Testimonios de las atravesadas: A Borderland Existence of Women of Color Faculty (2023).

ABSTRACT. The temporalities of COVID‐19 and resultant economic crisis, along with increased visibility of white supremacy and anti‐Blackness, have exacerbated the longstanding challenges Women of Color (WOC) faculty experience, particularly around negotiating labor and navigating the academy. Through Anzaldúa's borderlands framework, and an interwoven methodology of testimonios and pláticas, this paper's findings illuminate how the fixed, shifting, and messy... Continue Reading →

The Persistence of Neoliberal Logics In Faculty Evaluations Amidst COVID‐19: Recalibrating Toward Equity (2023)

ABSTRACT. In this paper, we theorize the intersectional gendered impacts of COVID‐19 on faculty labor, with a particular focus on how institutions of higher education in the United States evaluate faculty labor amidst the COVID‐19 transition and beyond. The pandemic has disrupted faculty research, teaching, and service in differential ways, having larger impacts on women faculty, faculty of color, and caregiving faculty in ways that further reflect... Continue Reading →

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