Below are articles that describe the experiences of faculty of color. We have listed each article chronologically and, when available, have included abstracts and links to the articles. We also include hashtags that readers can use to come up with a more focused search. These readings can be used to organize reading groups in order to guide institutional priorities.

Sink or swim: The mentoring experiences of Latinx PhD students with faculty of color. (2021)

“This phenomenological study examines the positive and adverse experiences full-time Latinx PhD students have in mentoring relationships with faculty of Color at a historically white Research-Intensive University in the Southwest, United States. .. Faculty mentoring requires a degree of care and commitment rather than a casual or ‘strictly business’ approach, especially for racially minoritized students…. Continue Reading →

Inequitable rewards: Experiences of faculty of color mentoring students of color. (2020)

“Employing the analytical lens of Critical Race Theory, I explored how faculty of color view their mentorship of students of color at predominantly White colleges and universities. The research was conducted through an anonymous online questionnaire shared with faculty of color at 136 predominantly White institutions. Three main themes emerge and show that faculty of… Continue Reading →

Identity-informed mentoring to support acculturation of female faculty of color in higher education: An Asian American female mentoring relationship case study. (2020)

“Female faculty of color need mentoring opportunities that recognize, validate, and nurture their perspectives and experiences as assets—rather than liabilities—to their work. Among studies of faculty of color, there have not been specific studies focused on intragroup mentoring for Asian American female faculty. This collaborative autoethnographic study seeks to explore and unpack the complexities of… Continue Reading →

Epistemic exclusion: Scholar(ly) devaluation that marginalizes faculty of color. (2020)

“Faculty of color experience a number of challenges within academia, including tokenism, marginalization, racial microaggressions, and a disconnect between their racial/ethnic culture and the culture within academia. The present study examined epistemic exclusion as another challenge in which formal institutional systems of evaluation combine with individual biases toward faculty of color to devalue their scholarship… Continue Reading →


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