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There is a growing amount of writing in the popular press, as well as trade magazines, on issues faced by faculty of color. The following is a sampling of the most recent work. We have focused on popular press articles that are written for a wide audience and have not included specific articles that discussed site specific institutions. Citations are listed in chronological order.

This list is periodically updated as new work is published. For more selected readings see the University of Maryland’s Consortium on Race, Gender, and Ethnicity.


Gándara, D. & Kim, V. (2022, Nov 6). How Universities Can Support Faculty of Color to Engage with Policymakers and Practitioners. William T. Grant Foundation.

Gray, K. (2022, Sept 23). In Diversity Efforts, An Invisible Labor Falls on Faculty of Color.

Dolezal, J. (2022, Sept 20). Why Faculty of Color Are Leaving Academe

National Center for Education Statistics. (2022, May 31). Statistics on race/ethnicity of college faculty.

Freeman, Jr. S. (2022, Aug 19). Stop Blaming Faculty of Color. Inside Higher Education.


Misra et al. (2021, Dec 2). Female faculty of color do extra diversity work for no extra reward – here’s how to fix that

Flaherty, C. (2021, May 3). Why They Left. Inside Higher Education.

Matias et al. (2021, Sept 7). Universities Say They Want More Diverse Faculties. So Why Is Academia Still So White? Five Thirty Eight.

Centeno, J. (2021, May 12) Why We Need More Faculty of Color in Higher Education

Flaherty, C. (2021, Jan 6). Illusion of Inclusion, Inside Higher Education.

2020 and earlier

Daut, M. L. (2019). Becoming Full Professor While Black. (2019, July 28). The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Adams, R. & Batty, D. (2019, Feb 4). Black female professors must deal with bullying to win promotion, report finds. The Guardian.

American University of American Professors (2020) Data Snapshot: Full-Time Women Faculty and Faculty of Color

Mercado Lopez (2018, May 18).Want to Retain Faculty of Color? Support Them as Faculty of Color Medium.

Matthew, P. A. (2016). What Is Faculty Diversity Worth to a University? The Atlantic.

Stanley, C. A., & Lincoln, Y. S. (2005). Cross-race faculty mentoring. Change (New Rochelle, N.Y.), 37(2), 44-50. https://doi.org/10.3200/CHNG.37.2.44-50

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