Resisting, rejecting, and redefining normative pathways to the professoriate: Faculty of color in higher education. (2018)

"The Faculty of Color Cohort 2014 (FOCC2014) consists of 20 scholars in faculty positions across the country. Here we use the theory of transformational resistance and data from our private Facebook group webpage as a way to understand the resistance enacted by the FOCC2014 as first-year faculty members. Through critical discourse analysis, we investigate how... Continue Reading →

Restructuring the Master’s Tools: Black Female and Latina Faculty Navigating and Contributing in Classrooms Through Oppositional Positions (2011)

"Employing critical race feminism, this article explores how black and Latina women faculty alter the teaching and learning environment at a predominantly white, research institution (PWI). The limited research on faculty of color at PWIs focuses on barriers to career success, yet places less emphasis on how these faculty negotiate barriers and facilitate structural change.... Continue Reading →

How to survive and thrive in academia (2009)

"This qualitative study investigated the survival and coping strategies employed by 17 faculty of color teaching in counseling programs across the United States. Results indicated that for participants, the meaning of survival extends beyond the ability to meet expectations for tenure and promotion and achieve professional longevity." Salazar, C.F.(2009) Strategies to survive and thrive in... Continue Reading →

“Race Doesn’t Matter, but…”: The Effect of Race on Professors’ Experiences and Emotion Management in the Undergraduate College Classroom (2003)

"Research has shown how black scholars' experiences differ from those of their white counterparts in regard to research and service, but few studies have addressed the influence of race on professors' teaching experiences. In this paper I examine how and to what degree race shapes professors' perceptions and experiences in the undergraduate college classroom. I... Continue Reading →

Recruitment and Retention of Ethnic Minority Counselor Educators: An Exploratory Study of CACREP-Accredited Counseling Programs (2003)

"This exploratory study sought to determine the strategies used by programs accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) to recruit and retain ethnic minority faculty. Seventy-three CACREP liaisons were surveyed and the results indicated that many programs have not developed specific strategies to recruit and retain ethnic minority faculty."... Continue Reading →

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